21 Project began out of the desire to train young
people to live passionate lives for Jesus in the
context of their callings and skill sets.


Collaboration: 21 Project is built around forming teams made up of students with different skills and expertise to create and implement real projects.

Activation: The training methodology of 21 Project is saturated with activation where students immediately apply what they are learning.

Personalized: Realizing that no two people are made the same, we focus on developing each student’s individual skills within the tracks.

Daily Lifestyle During 21:

In the mornings, the whole school receives training on the cultures of Jesus from a variety of trainers with different backgrounds in the body of Christ.  Following the speakers, we immediately respond with small group exercises to process and apply the truths to our lives.  During the afternoons, we break out into the different skills-based tracks for direct mentoring and hands-on training from track leaders.  Evenings vary between nights of worship, prayer, training, project collaboration, and community.  For a visual of day-to-day life, search #21project on Instagram.