"A time comes when silence is betrayal... we must speak." -Martin Luther King Jr. Our national campaign website just launched LIVE. Join our activist family by taking the pledge online now. We believe that together we will rewrite the story of our generation! www.carrythelove.com #carrythelove

Posted by Carry The Love on Thursday, February 5, 2015
Will You? A Spoken Word (ft. Kelechi)

Kelechi, a spoken word artist and USC student releases a powerful piece in response to Carry The Love calling us all to love like Jesus. For more information to take the pledge to love like Jesus go to http://www.carrythelove.com #carrythelove

Posted by Carry The Love on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Carry The Love is a student-focused campaign that calls young people to love like Jesus. The campaign utilizes both social media and culminating events across universities and high schools to mobilize young leaders into lifestyles of activated love for each other and the lost.

Our Story:


In 2013 a group of young leaders and students found themselves in the midst of a grassroots campus movement across America’s regions.  United by a passion for God and a desire to see a cultural shift on university campuses, these leaders formed a grassroots network nationally. As the university events produced from these friendships catalyzed national social momentum, further regional tours, trainings, and outreaches launched from coast to coast.  During a statewide California tour in 2014, the phrase “Carry The Love” rose as the resounding watchword of the grassroots movement. This phrase and call has now become a campaign, rallied a national network of students and is inspiring tours and evangelism across the nation.


Our Goals:


  •  To mobilize leaders toward activism in all 2,500 universities in America via social media, tours or regional gatherings.

  • To inspire unprecedented evangelistic efforts on university campuses across America.

  • To expand the Carry The Love campaign to High Schools and Churches.

Campaign Components:


  • Pledge: The pledge is the center-point of commitment for the Carry The Love campaign.  It binds the movement together and functions as the gateway for new people to participate.

  •  Social Campaign: Carry The Love leverages nearly every media channel, including videos, photography, articles and posts.  The focus of this content is to inspire new individuals to pledge and to communicate the activist direction of the campaign.

  • Tours: Carry the Love partners with student leaders across America to run national tours of mobilization; inspiring to students to love like Christ.

  • Outreaches: Carry The Love coaches and sponsors student-run outreaches to truly meet students with the love of Jesus and His Gospel.