Gap Year Mission’s is an innovative online search directory
that connects users to, and enables them to customize national and international missions experiences.

Gap Year Vision:


  1. The Gap Year website aggregates missional opportunities from different organizations in a simple and searchable format for the user.

  2. Users than utilize the Gap Year Mission Builder to construct a missions experience that lasts any where from a month to year.

  3. Gap Year’s backend team then connects the user to the different missional organizations so they can continue their process into missions.

The Need:


The world of global missions is so expansive that it is often difficult to find clear on ramps to opportunities, whether domestic or international. To make matters worse, the online presentation of missions opportunities are outdated, hard to find, or simply nonexistent. Young people are in need of a clear, customizable, platform that organizes these opportunities. Gap Year seeks to be the solution to this complexity, creating a user friendly tool to engage youth to find opportunities, customize their experience, and go!


Concept Development


Concept Beta Version


Public Beta


Online and App Launch