Tents are gatherings that celebrate community, hope and God’s love.

Tents Vision:


Tents are about creating a space for people to experience love, learn about God’s plan for their life and find resources. We desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus, meeting both practical and spiritual needs. We target communities that are in greatest need of hope and a fresh revelation of who Jesus is. Tents are collaborative and utilize a holistic approach of working with city government, local churches, non-profits and local business.

People Leave Tents With:


1. A sense of value and belonging

2. Practical resources in hand

3. A strong belief that their future is good

4. Belief in God’s love for them as an individual

5. Inspiration to live the message of activated love for their neighbor

Communities we are currently working in:


Compton, California  –  Griffith-Metro, (Central Los Angeles) California  – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  –  Ocoee, Florida